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The third molars are often called Wisdom teeth. Most patients get these teeth sometime in their late teens or early twenties, usually around age 21. Wisdom teeth often come in misaligned or impacted, which may cause problems including crowding teeth and nerves. If untreated, misaligned or impacted wisdom teeth can lead to decay, infection, and gum disease. Additionally, crowding can undo costly orthodontic treatment, sometimes requiring patients to get braces a second time.

There are a number of possibilities that may lead you and Dr. Juarez to decide that extraction is the best treatment. Sometimes teeth are extracted because of severe decay or advanced periodontal disease, or a teeth can sometimes break in a way that leaves them beyond repair. An orthodontist may also require one or more extractions before beginning a course of treatment.

Dr. Juarez makes every effort to save your teeth. If one must be extracted, our staff will discuss options for replacing the tooth. Of course, extractions are done with the most gentle technique possible.

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